Gulled Ahmed is a 21stcentury musician with a unique ability to bridge the sounds of classic Somali tradition  and elegant modern beats.  Impacted, like so many, by the events of the past, but driven by a hope for the future, Ahmed takes on the role of musician, lyricist, and soloist to infuse every detailed beat with the passion that motivates his convictions.

For the last decade, Gulled Ahmed has meticulously perfected his craft and defined himself as an artist with valuable inspiration but unique creative abilities.  His music is brave and confronts – with open creativity – the multitude of cultural forces that have defined various aspects of Somali music.  In the end, his message is one of unity and promise, suggesting that despite past circumstances, the Somali people are stronger as one.

His lyrics are genuine, covering issues from humanitarianism and social justice, to the values of a strong family and community ties. And while the lyrics may change from son to song, one constant remains: an inspiring rhythm that moves you on the dance floor and in your heart.

With beats that take influence from reggae, hip-hop, and traditional sounds, the lyrics are always delivered with a mixed sense of joy and empowerment.  His style has invited collaboration with artists such as Samatar, Cigaal, and Jubba to produce further unique sounds that appeals to supporters of all backgrounds.

Fans from all over the world appreciate Gulled Ahmed’s ability to present a modern artistic vision, influenced by a difficult past, but avoiding negativity in both the language and beats.  His heritage is represented as a joyful mix of complex influences always looking towards a better tomorrow rather than a sorrowful yesterday.

And while his music has enjoyed widespread distribution throughout the world, it is his live appearances that most consistently awaken and inspire.  Known for playing all night, until the dance floor can stand no more stomping feet, Gulled Ahmed shares his passion for music intimately with fans that attend live performances.  Together with his fans, he shares in telling a story of a people with no boundaries keeping them apart and no ceiling keeping them from reaching for the stars.

And while his creative talent has made each of his musical releases a booming success, it is his modesty and down to earth character that endears his style to fans across the globe. Indeed, his music represents more than the mere voice of a singer, more than the creativity of a songwriter, and more than the passion of a musical performer.  His music represents the life – and the lives – of a passionate quest for love, peace, and of course, a little bit of fun.

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